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Our Wabi Sabi Collection is created by founder Jackie Hughes-Kennedy. Jackie has been designing and creating jewelry for the past decade. 
Each piece is inspired by nature and tranquility. We hope each unique piece draws you to a beautiful place whether it is a gift for someone special or a treat just for yourself.

Our Newest Designs
Round Bronze Ohm Pendant
Part of our Sereniity Collection
Mother Heart Pendant in Bronze - $49.00
Part of our Chinese symbol Collection
Purple Fused Glass Necklace
Pendant Collection
Trinity Heart Fine Silver $59.00
symbols of the heart
Petite Heart Earrings - 29.00
Symbols of the Heart Collection
Square Heart Pendants- $39.00
Symbols of the Heart Collection
At Jackie's Wabi Sabi Boutique we hope you enjoy our beautiful designs. If you have any questions about a piece please email us. We will do our best to respond promptly. (Remember no question is a bad question.)
Wabi Sabi Collections
What is Wabi Sabi?

wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and in nature. Each of our pieces are unique and handmade. No two are alike and inspired by beauty and the world around us.
Precious Metal Clay

Many of my designs are made of Precious Metal Clay. It is the most wonderful and creative medium I have ever worked with in my jewelry. Precious metal clay originated in Japan in the early 1990’s. It is made of small particles of metals (fine silver -999, bronze, copper and even gold) mixed with an organic material and water then dried, fired and then polished. The pieces which you are left with are solid. Most of my designs are in fine silver and bronze. The bronze is very interesting because you can reveal an array of colors from a rose gold to a copper to a true gold color and the variation in color melds so beautifully with the “Wabi Sabi” feel of my designs. I almost like to think of the color as “raku” in metal.